Montana Camps and Cabins is a full service repair and restoration facility dedicated to preserving and enhancing the timeless beauty of vintage travel trailers with quality and style. Whether you need routine maintenance, a small repair, or you would like us to restore your trailer to its former splendor, we would be happy to help. Maybe you have just been dreaming of owning a vintage trailer...we may have that perfect trailer in our shop or can locate one for you. Scroll down to read about the people who make Montana Camps and Cabins run!

Some of the services and enhancements we offer are...

Full Restoration

If there’s one thing we all love about vintage campers it’s that they come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. But anyone who’s hunted for their own vintage treasure knows that they also come in all conditions! We at Montana Camps and Cabins have seen it all. If your camper needs to be rebuilt from the axles up or just needs a face lift, we’re your one-stop shop. You can see some examples of full restorations we’ve done on our Portfolio page. If you’re curious about your little gem’s potential charm, please contact us to make an appointment.

Repairs and Maintenance

Well-maintained vintage campers are more than just a great way to enjoy your next fishing trip; they’re an investment! Performing minor repairs, regular inspections, and seasonal weatherization can help retain your camper’s value. Not sure how to keep your water lines from freezing? Can’t get your cabinet doors to stay shut? Contact us to see how we can help keep your piece of history in top condition.


Vintage campers have vintage parts that can be hard to track down when one needs replacing. Montana Camps and Cabins relies on our many contacts and resources in the vintage camper industry to locate parts large and small, vintage or new. Whether you’re looking for a functional item, like an automatic roof vent, or to replace an aesthetic part, like a teardrop lens cover, we can help.


Is the vinyl on your bench seats getting a little ... crusty? Montana Camps and Cabins works closely with a local upholsterer who specializes in heavy-duty coverings and offers a substantial selection of materials and patterns to choose from. Need a shady spot kick back with your lemonade and dime-store novel? We work with a local canvas shop to design and create custom awnings to match each camper’s unique style. These are just a few of the small additions that can make a big difference! Contact us for more ways to help you make every camping trip your best camping trip.

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Here are the people who make Montana Camps and Cabins run...

Debra Bolnick

You just cannot pack more enthusiasm for "all things vintage" into one person than what you find in Debra Bolnick! She has been a life-long, avid collector of items that bring a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for simpler times. Operating her own antique store several years ago, she gained the opportunity to travel the country in search of items for resale. Along with her travels, Debra found she had accumulated an even greater appreciation for the well made trailers of old. She began collecting them 8 years ago and since then, has purchased and restored many more of these vintage beauties. Quite simply, Debra just seemed destined to love vintage trailers.

Montana Camps and Cabins offers Debra the opportunity to combine many of her skills which in turn benefits the company in general. Having operated several of her own businesses previously, she has a strong leadership ability inside the office setting. Thoroughly enjoying customers who share a love for the vintage trailers also means that each client gets personal attention when they come for a visit to see the trailers in person. With a true passion for restoring these trailers back to their glory-days, Debra relies on her background in art and decorating to bring each trailer to life using the decorating schemes for the time period of each trailer.

Restoring these trailers requires hard work, commitment and patience to truly bring them back to life. With Debra's eye for detail and business skills combined with the expertise that Robert Pierce brings with his mechanical, carpentry, and electrical abilities, the vintage trailers truly have the best of all care in their journey to full restoration. Montana Camps and Cabins strives to have the largest inventory of vintage trailers where customers find the highest quality of restoration along with custom work as well as offering service to owners of existing trailers.

In her spare time, Debra enjoys the western, outdoor lifestyle that Montana offers. One of her greatest joys is being a member of "Sisters on the Fly," a group of woman of all ages who travel on outdoor adventures around the country...of course, they all travel in a caravan of customized vintage trailers!